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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> low clouds, lower visibility are a problem for some of our driver this is morning and on the peninsula i got word of a crash which may be completely blocking the connector between two peninsula freeways. >> a live look from the north side of the golden gate bridge. this is february 19th, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. it's news developing right now, just minutes ago san jose police confirming an arrest in connection to a double shooting at a sports bar in alum rock. this happened on alum rock avenue between south capitol expressway and white road around 10:00 last night. >> "today in the bay's" rob redell is live at the scene. you have new details what led up to the shooting? >> reporter: just got off the phone with a slunt at the san jose police department who confirmed they have a man in custody for shooting two other
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men at the dzo sports bar and restaurant. we're outside right now. he faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. if you look inside the windows of this establishment, the place is pretty much as it was at 10:00, the time of last night's shooting. you see bar tables littered with peer bottles and there's a large pool of blood on the floor in the back, where at least one of the men was shot. their injuries are severe but both men according to police are expected to survive. now if you're not familiar as you mentioned, dzo is in east san jose on alum rock between white and capitol and the lieutenant teold us this starte as an argument over what but grew into a "pretty good melee" involving several people. at one point the suspect pulled out a gun shooting the two other men. as you can see officers did temporarily detain several people outside the restaurant after the shooting in an attempt to sort out who was involved and who knew what. one person in custody. the two men shot are expected to
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survive. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> news developing on this front. we'll check back in with you, bob. two san francisco men could die follow a shooting in the mission district last night. the men were standing on the corner of 17th and capp streets when they got into an argument with another man. that man pulled a gun and opened fire. the gunman is still on the run this morning. shl this morning gilroy police would like you to lock at surveillance video, shows two women using a dead person's credit card. it's video from inside of a san jose convenience store. police say the two women are persons of interest in the killing of robert heiser. officers found heiser dead inside of his gilroy home early monday morning. two months later and still no suspect in the shooting death of a young man in san leandro. police call the murder of 21-year-old gilmer ramirez a case of mistaken identity. yesterday police announced the shooter was after someone else,
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someone involved with the marijuana grow operation in the house next door. investigators hope a $25,000 reward will lead to a break in the case. the teenager who prosecutors say raped a pizza delivery driver is back in court this morning. 17-year-old darian myles jr. kidnapped and raped a woman while she was delivering a pizza in antioch. his bail has been set at more than $6 million. myles jr. was already on probation for another crime when police say he attacked a driver. also in court, a santa clara university student accused of stabbing his roommate inside their dorm. he may enter a plea. police say dylan kim stabbed his roommate tuesday and cut himself. the roommate is said to be okay. no word what led to the stabbing. a follow-up to breaking news we brought you yesterday morning, a teenager on the run, others in jail after a brutal attack inside the walgreens. police say the teenagers stabbed a store employee several times and beat a security guard.
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boast victims will be okay. of:03 on your thursday. developing story, tainted medical equipment may be to blame for a deadly superbug at the ucla medical center. nearly 200 patients were exposed to a bacteria, seven people infected, two people died. health officials say the bacteria likely passed from a device inserted into patient's throats during endoscopic procedures. the "today" show's halley jackson will join with us a live report come up at 6:50 this morning. historic concerts, classic sporting events and decades of memories, the venue that hosted it all is crashing down. starting today, crew also start tearing off the facade of candlestick park. >> "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live at the stick this morning. this is a long, drawn-out good-bye. they've already hollowed out the inside and now moving outside. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you both, sam
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and laura. today is the first time people will see some of the changes as crews work to tear down to start the demolition of the outside, the exterior of candlestick using wrecking machines, not wrecking balls, for precision purposes. inside as you mentioned, demolition has been under way, bird's-eye view from our nbc bay area chopper yesterday shows there's not much but debris piles inside. the idea of an implosion was nixed after the community voiced concerns about noise, vibration but mostly health impacts from dust and asbestos. one of the people leading that effort spoke with us and says neighbors are still worried. >> we don't have a problem with them disbanding the stadium. we want them to comply with the dust ban. they don't have the requisite number of monitors needed to monitor the dust. >> reporter: she says neighbors have counted two dust monitors when there should be four to six. we're waiting for response from the developer, lenar urban. it's quite early but the developer said it's been dedicated to a dust control plan
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and it launched full hazardous materials abatement work methods and adding it's tracking air quality levels. what is set to come here in place? we're talking a mixture of shopping, housing, millions of square feet of office space, and we'll have more on permanent jobs, those details coming up in our last report in about 45 minutes. live outside the stick, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> it will look completely different when they're done. >> a lot of facets to the story, the jobs impact you mentioned, steph neat, thank you very much. 6:06. time to check the microclimate forecast and take a peek at the beautiful bay bridge. i love the light imlum nating the water. >> so serene and calm. the opposite of that, candlestick park known for its hair-whipping wind but that should not be the case throughout the bay area today. >> good morning to you. actually the ingredients for fog development, clear skies and calm winds. we have both in place and seeing that fog this morning. i want to start with water conservation tips, obviously the drought still in the forefront
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of a lot of people's mind and this we can't urge you to do enough. even though we are at about 110% of our average rainfall, there's a couple things that you can continue to do because we're trying to dig out of three plus years of drought at this point. dishwashers actually use less water than washing a load by hand. you can defrost food in the refrigerator instead of using water to thaw it out and we were talking about this yesterday, if it you plug the sink when you're using a razor is satisfies 300 gallons of water per month. so very significant ways that you can help just by changing things minor. 53 degrees in the south bay. peninsula right now at 55 degrees, and we've got a beautiful, beautiful day, just a minor change from where we ended up yesterday, that is the sun come out a little bit earlier. as a result, temperatures will end up warmer into the mid-70s for some spots, and we're actually expecting to break some records up in the north bay, where the warm e reading will
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come in, 70 degrees for today in the north bay. 64 degrees in san francisco. we'll hit 71 in the tri valley and 70 degrees for us here in the south bay. want to fly you to your local beaches and talk about that beach weather that's really going to start to be really nice as we head throughout tomorrow, more sunshine on the way as offshore gloeof offshore flow gets going. 69 degrees at half moon bay almost unheard of to be this warm this time of year. you might want to take advantage of it. like i said before we have a chance for rain as of next weekend. santa cruz is at 71 degrees. so count on a lot of extra traffic over 17. let's find out how that traffic looks right now, here's mike inouye. >> good morning, christina. we'll talk about over around the bay, first of all get you out there and show you how things are for the san mateo bridge. the low clouds and flog drift around like they did yesterday. we'll look over, problems on both sides of the san mateo bridge, on the peninsula side
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crash eastbound 92, connector to southbound 101. sounds like it's hampered by a crash on that connector in lanes, traffic looks like it's getting by but slowing on the scene and chp has yet to give us more detail as they arrive. tracking on the peninsula, slower drive westbound from the hayward side because the morning volume is increasing and hayward southbound 880 around 80 street a motorcycle crash is on the shoulder. this distraction will cause more slowing down out of san leandro. farther over to the right the orange low cloud for the tri valley, tip lar pattern livermore, dublin and in toward pliz anton. fog for discovery bay, brentwood or at least low clouds in the area. no major problems for the north bay but that orange highlighting, maybe low clouds forenovato and tougher visibility in portions north of san rafael. look at the bay bridge toll plaza as well, we see things backing up here, of course the metering lights are on and a live look at fremont 880 building in volume as well. southbound headlights toward the south bay there's no drama, san
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jose has a typical slowing 101 at 680. always a little bit of building up, always drama, nothing dramatic about the drama, it's standard drama. >> thanks a lot. >> a lot of drama keeps it interesting. >> 6:10 and a refinery fire in southern california can put a squeeze on your wallet. we'll explain why, next. an idea for something you can do this weekend, does it involve tech? of course. we'll take a look coming. you up. ♪
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here are today's top stories. 6:12. san jose police announced an arrest at a late night shooting at a sports bar in alum rock. police release surveillance images of two women who may be connected to the homicide of a gilroy man. the women caught on video used the man's credit card. tainted medical equipment might be the culprit of a deadly
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superbug at the ucla medical center. seven people are confirmed to have been infected, two have died. the a massive explosion at a southern california owl refinery could mean higher prices at the gas pump. you can see the mangled metal and ash quofrg tcovering the fa. some economists are predicting a bump at the pump of up to 20 cents a gallon within the month. this comes as drivers in the bay area are already paying about 25 cents more per gallon compared to last month. >> we got that temporary reprieve, now getting a little bit more expensive. google is gearing up for a fight against the fbi. >> scott mcgrew, google thinks the feds are pushing for too much power, of all things. >> in search, but in this case search warrants. google has objected to a filing by the justice department which wants to expand the power of search warrants, allowing a judge to authorize a search anywhere on any computer, right
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now if the feds want to see some data, they need a warrant issued by a judge who can only issue a warrant for a computer in his or her district. that's based on legal tradition, right, a judge in new jersey can't sign a search warrant to search your house in california. so why should he be able to write one for your computer? well the fbi says in this day and age, it needs the power to get a search warrant to search any computer anywhere. google's fighting that idea in both the court of law and the court of public opinion. its to be lawyer writing in an open letter that kind of power would allow the fbi unlimited power all over the world. keep in mind, this tension is very real. remember when president obama was at stanford on friday, he invited the head of google who did not attend nor did the head of facebook nor yahoo!. on a lugter not elugter not technology and once in a while i'm impressed with something.
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this is a tour guide, it uses gps to guide you from spot to spot in san francisco. as you stand under the transamerica building you get a voice in your head telling you all about it. there are tours of pushermen's wharf behind the scenes and the tenderloin. they publish awe new tour every month and this one is about, of all things, trash and recycling in the city. >> all up and down the shorelines of this bay is where people used to dump their garbage, both officially and unofficially. >> so you get this little voice in your head, that's a trashy tour, right, it may not be the one you want to start with, even if it was created by a former npr reporter. the one i want to you start with is called cool gray city of love, the book about san francisco neighborhoods, the author of that has done a tour and it is super cool. >> that is neat. >> called detour. it's expensive, about six bucks but worth it. >> just for the app? >> for each tour. >> oprah has her book club and
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that's your tour club. that's the first recommendation. >> it's awesome. happening now at 6:15, not the polar vortex but the si siberian express bringing another round of brutally cold weather from the east coast down to florida. massachusetts an avalanche from the roof of an ice ring buried five people. four climbed out but one needed to be rescued. niagara falls isn't moving much. there's water flowing but parts are frozen over creating quite the view for tourists willing to brave the temperatures. a car in baltimore looked more like an ice sculpture. pipe burst and water landed on the car and completely froze it over. >> that could be problematic. 6:16, time to check your microclimate forecast. live look outside san jose. no cold, icy and snowy conditions there. i can see out of the corner of my eye that large weather wall you have a snow report coming up
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from tahoe. >> that's right. they are making snow like crazy. we're watching the east coast get hit with a brutally difficult winter, whereas we're trying to make that snow to keep the skiers and snowboarders happy. squaw valley, alpine meadows doing a nice job of it. temperatures are cold enough overnight to make that snow consistently and they got 42 inches at the base. 51 trails open at squaw, and 45 at alpine meadow, considering the winter we've had up there so far that's uhm pressive. hit the mountains and get on up there. things are going to turn around rapidly it looks like as we head throughout the first couple weeks of march. it looks lukeike a big pat ther chang pattern change. check out my facebook page in a moment it's 50 shades of gray, gray skies there is. temperatures will be comfortable
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later on once the cloud cover starts to burn off. we'll be in the low 60s as you break for lunch, that's 61 degrees on the east shore, 63 degrees in the tri valley and 61 degrees in san francisco, rounding out the day with temperatures that are near records for just about everywhere up in the north bay. we'll hit about 66 degrees in oak town today, 68 degrees on the peninsula and 70 degrees for us here in the south bay. getting into your weekend, temperatures look pretty good, we're going to warm up even more which means more records are likely, but expecting new records today in concord, hayward, and santa rosa, with the upper 60s coming your way. want to remind you, this is the final day for those king tides, high tide today at 11:47. over seven feet out there, so watch out, bay, beaches, low-lying areas, watch out for the roadway flooding, and if you have to cross that, make sure you take it easy out there, it can be very slick. 71 degrees for saturday, 66 degrees on sunday, and comfortable conditions on monday, then tuesday the
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cinequest opening night in the south bay. we'll have more information on that for you in just moments. right now i want to check your drive and welcome in mike inouye on a friday eve. good morning to you. >> we're looking toward the south bay we'll start our live came camera, standard volume of traffic not a whole lot 101 at 680 but the low clouds providing a nice backdrop for the overcrossing as well. as we look at your map a smooth drive for san jose and the rest of silicon valley. 87 down a little below 6 omiles per hour. orange comings through los gatos hills and off the summit and morguing hill and san martin showing fog, low cloudsflkw drig around the area. might be enough mist to trigger the windshield wipers. north we look toward the we ininess la. 92 ooebd at southbound 101, that connector cleared from the earlier crash, that's better news. we have a slower drive starting to develop as folks tom down the peninsula as well as across that
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san mateo bridge. hayward side southbound 880 shows typical slowing pattern from san leandro toward union city. the earlier crash on the shoulder still there at "a" street but all lanes clear, the dist action adding to a slower4 clouds registering for livermore, dublin and possibly spots in pleasanton. brentwood, discovery bay a little low cloud cover there, antioch typical slowing. smoother drive across the north bay, novato shows low cloud potential there. solano county had tougher visibility, chp says. the richmond/san rafael bridge no problem getting toward the san rafael side. let's check the bay bridge a live shot at the toll plaza. you expect the backup, all lanes are filled in. the east shore freeway you can't see beyond low clouds hovering around the oakland hills and in the north bay the live look through san rafael we talked about the glowing lights and a bigger commute, we set this off for the morning no, major problems for visibility but we're prepared for that, prepare
6:21 am
extra time san rafael out of novato that may become an issue over the next few. >> thank you very much. now to an investigative unit exclusive, a power struggle over pot tax. the city of san jose wants pot shops to pay up. owners of the marijuana businesses say the city has the whole thing wrong. tonight we investigate the growing controversy over millions of dollars in unpaid taxes by businesses operating right now in the south bay. >> are you worried you're going to be put out of business? >> no, why would i be worried? i'm the only one that seems to understand the concept. >> what's your message to these businesses? >> pack up, time to move on, and pay up on your way out. >> are you worried the city is going to come and lock your doors? >> you know, it's been a concern of mine ever since i started five years ago. >> there's more than $2 million in unpaid marijuana taxes and penalties in san jose alone. tonight at 11:00 here on nbc bay area, chief investigative
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reporter tony kobalesky covers the controversy, the battle over money and semantics. if you have a tip for on investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the a special guest stops by levi stadium, the viral video, next. female announcer: through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic.
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welcome back, everyone. and a very good, wow, thursday morning. isn't' that beautiful? what a -- >> breathtaking, per usual. >> it really is. look at the lights reflecting the bay bridge on the bay this morning, looks like a nice day
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ahead of it is 6:24. she had a baby and bolted. now three years later, investigators are asking for your help tracking down a missing mother. investigators say 30-year-old jeanette haram gave birth in santa cruz then walked out of the hospital, leaving her newborn behind. it happened in 2012. she hasn't been heard from since. rabber vanilla ice out on bail this morning, this after a break-in at a florida house. what happened? the crime is actually linked to his reality show, where he renovates houses. police say vanilla ice took furniture, a pool heater an some bikes from a home next door to his current project. he says he thought the home was abandoned and no one would mind. vanilla ice is fracing charges f grand theft and burglary. they're getting down business right now, business as in business connect. it's a group trying to link the bay area's diverse and minority businesses to super bowl l-related opportunities.
6:26 am
today business connects will hold a meeting workshop at the scottish rights center in oakland. it will include an expo on the xs and os of contracting and networking. you might say one fan has a bird's-eye view of saturday's stadium, levi's stadium. >> a crow's eye view, a shot of said crow dancing around by the camera, atop levi's stadium. those would technically be the cheap seats although seems perfectly comfortable. the camera caught a live picture of this guy flapping wings and making sound. he's checking out the digs for the sharks/kings game. face-off set for saturday night but for that bird, face time could not wait. >> he's going to eat a little crow. of:26. still ahead tim lincecum swallows his pride and asks for pitching help from the man who knows him best, his father. on wall street which way the numbers are headed up this morning coming up next with scott mcgrew. the north bay s-curves, mike
6:27 am
has a look at the morning commute.
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stern words from president obama, his message to muslims here and around the world. and morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. beautiful weekend temperatures, your full forecast in just moments. and we're looking at the effects of that forecast, the glowing lights, low clouds and fog and a new crash in fremont, i have to check that one out and bring it to you. looks like the fed isn't
6:30 am
going to raise the interest rates any time soon. looks like greece will get its extension on its loans, so that's good news for stocks. there is the nyse and opening bell and over on the nasdaq as well as business gets under way. >> a live look outside right now, san mateo bridge, starting to tighten up a little bit this morning. mike monitoring some situations on both sides of the bridge. it's thursday, february the 19th, and this is "today in the bay." a good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. leaders from all over the world head to washington talking about how to deal with isis, boko haram and al qaeda. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning. tracie, yesterday the president said muslims across the world should make it clear terrorists don't speak for them. what is the focus today? >> exactly. today they're headed over to the state department to talk more
6:31 am
about this issue of violent extremism. note they are not calling it islamic extremism, that has been a sore spot with the muslim community. president obama as you noted bounced that ball right back into their court yesterday saying that muslim leaders need to make it clear that these extremists are not representative of islam, are not part of their community, but the focus here is not so much dealing with them after the fact, the bombing campaigns or the boots on the ground. it's dealing with the front end, how do you prevent young people in this country and around the world from being attracted to that ideology, how do you prevent them from being radicalized. secretary of state john kerry has been talking to foreign leaders and some of the other groups here about how they deal with these foreign fighters. it is a big topic in washington today as they wrap up this three-day summit and of course, it's a very emotional topic around the country. you saw the vigil for kayla
6:32 am
mueller at her hometown in arizona, a very raw topic for them there, after she was killed in isis custody. >> understandably. people should be concerned and informed. thank you, tracie. >> 6:32 right now. we're going to educate you on what's going on with your forecast for the rest of the week as we inch closer to the weekend. microclimate forecast a look at the bay bridge and it is a forecast fit for a king, today slt last day of the king tides. >> i was thinking what about the queen? >> i have no prejudice toward the queens whatsoever, christina. >> good to hear that. good morning to you. live look at mt. hamilton filled up like a bowl of soup. that's the santa clara valley under there and overcast start to the day. 53 degrees in san jose. we're kicking off the new day at 50s straight up in san mr tain. beautiful day ahead. we have to wait for the low clouds to burn off, that will
6:33 am
occur between about 12:00 and 3:00, depending on where your microclimate is. unseasonable warmth. lunch time temps in the mid-60s. 63 degrees at noon out in the tri valley, rounding out the bay in the 70s. 71 degrees the high for you today. 68 on the peninsula and 70 degrees in the south bay. now we have some changes coming your way as we get into the weekend, and we're going to talk about that coming up. for today a few 70s out there, final day of the winter king tides i think we'll see more in the spring and potentially even in the summertime as well, and two very different sides to the weekend. we'll talk about which day is better for outdoor plans if that's something you're trying to do. always easier to get to work when you know that weekend is just around the corner. let's check on your drive right now, here's mike inouye. >> good morning, christina. it's tough in some parts of the bay to see that corner. dub lip the visibility hasn't been great this morning. low clouds hovering around the deck. so far no problems reported as far as fog goes, right above
6:34 am
your driving level. the flow from the lights and looking at the map, mist, potentially drizzle so you have to use the windshield wipers a swipe or two. the orange highlighting, road weather index and our traffic tied together, the low clouds the arrow is where the camera was southbound 680 from the tri valley and dublin interchange typical whether into sunol. southbound 880 the crash in hayward around "a" street off to the shoulder. that little bit of additional distraction will slow you more san leandro down to the san mateo bridge continue with the build toward union city. typical pattern. the earlier crash has cleared from the roadway. south bay no major problems. typical northbound build through san jose. i circled 280 at lawrence expressway, a new crash there may still be in lanes that just got reported and there was a lot of activity. chp fog through the bottom of your screen through the santa
6:35 am
cruz mountains over the summit. the bay bridge upper east shore freeway speeds dip a tad toward berkeley on the left side, novato low fog and clouds registering as well and the golden gate bridge we have a build for the north bay coming down toward san francisco. clear view of the hills itself. the bank of low clouds hovering there as well so fog may be a factor for many of our commuters this morning. we'll continue to track that as will christina of course. >> thank you. >> a refreshing shot there, thank you, mike. 6:35. frooes will likely get an extension on its credit. >> scott mcgrew, good news for the markets. >> you think it would take it better. the dow industrials down slightly this morning as we take a live look at the big board. when i was at my desk it was only 30. i walk over here, it's 103. we've shown you video of mark zuckerberg speaking chinese before, working hard to learn it. look what he dropped on gais
6:36 am
book this morning. [ speaking in chinese ]. >> a parentally a happy new year's wish. i'm taking his word for that, but hats off to him for working so hard on that. >> no kidding, very impressive. does he want to learn a new language every year? zbl >> he'd like to although i think he has his hands full with chinese. >> they had the facebook translation on the pages and someone written something in a language you can hit the "translate" button. still ahead, relationships rekindled. giants star tim lincecum reaching out to his dad for help on the mound, that story and all of your giants news from scottsdale, coming up next. when the giants come back from phoenix, this is where they'll be as well as all the fans. can't wait for a little springtime baseball, right? >> so close.
6:37 am
>> 6:36 right now.
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6:39 am
all right, rise and shine, a nice image to get up to, the bay bridge as we approach daybreak here on your thursday morning. most of the giants are waking up in scottsdale this morning. today pitchers and catcher also hit the field for the first time this spring. >> a lot of eyes and a lot of pressure is on tim lincecum, who will be in the starting rotation.
6:40 am
comcast sportsnet has more from scottsdale. >> reporter: so we have been here for a couple of days now in scottsdale. the most exciting thing the sprinklers have turned on and the pitchers answer catchers reported for physicals. today the first workout officially for the giants in 2015. they'll be throwing a lot of eyes as always will be on tim lincecum who said he changed a few things in the offseason, reconnected with his father, the guy who taught him everything he knew about pitching growing up. he knows a lot about pitching, separated for a few years and reconnected, he's hoping that can help had imin 2015 after being removed from the rotation last season and bruce botchy said he would be in the rotation. lot of eyes and pressure in 2015 will be on tim luns couple ainc
6:41 am
giants staff. we'll show you video later tonight. for now reporting from scottsdale, ahmed fareed, "nbc bay area news." for the a's, pitchers and catchers reporting this morning, when they do fans from both sides of the bay will see a familiar face, barry zito. he'll try to prove he has something left in the tank to make the a's roster. >> they tend to surprise those athlet athletics, do. the walls of candlestick will come crashing down today. >> plus a new health scare at ucla medical center. hundreds exposed to a deadly superbug. we're there live next. bullets fly at a crowded san jose sports par. what police tell us about a suspect now in custody. keeping our eye on the morning commute as we look at traffic picking up on the beautiful bay bridge. what about that haze in the air? we'll check in with mike and christina coming up. female announcer: presidents' day is over,
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ developing right now we've been following this story all morning long, a man right now in custody, this in connection with a double shooting at a san jose sports bar, it happened on alum rock avenue between south capitol expressway and white. >> bob redell is live at the scene. what is the latest. >> reporter: within the past hour san jose police confirmed with us that they have taken one person into custody for shooting two other men last night at dzo sports bar and restaurant here in east san jose. he faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. if you look inside the windows the place is pretty much as it was at 10:00 last night, the time of the shooting, you can see bar tables littered with beer bottles and a large pool of blood on the floor in the back.
6:45 am
you can't see that but it is there, where at least one of the men was shot. their injuries are severe but both expected to survive according to police. if you're not familiar with dzo, is in east san jose on alum rock between white and capitol, a lieutenant teld us this started as an argument over what he wouldn't say but it grew into what he described as a pretty good melee involving several people and at one point the suspect pulled out a gun, hitting the two other men with bullets. as you can see in the video officers did temporarily detain several people outside the restaurant after the shooting in an attempt to sort out who was involved, who knew what. again, one person in custody, the two men both shot are still in the hospital, their injuries are severe but again, expected to survive. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> okay, thank you very much for the update, bob. in san francisco, two men could die following a shooting in the city's mission district last night. police say the men were standing on a corner near 17th and capp
6:46 am
street when they got into an argument with another man. that man pulled a gun and opened fire. the gunman is still on the loose. 6:45 right now. time to give your old microclimate forecast a quick check as we give you a live look outside, downtown san jose, maybe it is not of the exact same vista as that bay bridge at the early morning hour but still a nice vantage point there. >> it is beautiful with the lights on, a little hazy as well. >> downtown definitely smaller buildings that has everything to do with where our airport is positioned. you've got the flames flying through, right over 880. at&t park showing you lots of fog out there, and a cool day here in the bay area, whereas in scottsdale today, our boys warming up, pitchers and catchers, temperatures in the 80s. but for us, we're still going to be unseasonably warm, lots of sunshine coming your way, getting into your afternoon. by lunch time low 60s across the board, 61 degrees on the east shore, 63 in the tri valley, and up to the mid to upper 60s just
6:47 am
about everywhere as we getvrge your afternoon. you'll hit the 70s meanwhile for the trivalue why i in the south bay today. temperatures looking comfortable. if you want to hit the beach maybe you're knocking off early tomorrow taking a three-day weekend, 67 degrees in pacifica. 69 for half moon bay and as per usual you get the warmest temperatures further south you head, 71 degrees in santa cruz. so temperatures nice and comfortable all weekend long, great for outdoor plans, a little bit more sunshine coming your way on saturday than what we're expecting on sunday, and by the way, lunar new year celebration, san francisco botanical gardens absolutely spectacular time out there, it's the year of the sheep and temperatures will be nice and comfortable. meanwhile, tuesday's opening night for cinequest, it's a big night. i'll be out there on the red carpet. conditions will be a little bit chilly this year in the mid-50s 8:00 to midnight, big afterparty there as well. more on cinequest as we get closer to the date. let's check your drive with
6:48 am
mike. >> some folks head out there on a christina quest. >> oh. >> low clouds around the area part of the reason i want to show you this and the volume build of course. let's show you another camera in san jose, the same city but farther west, this is 280 northbound at 17 and 880. low clouds is what i wanted to show you and of course the build. we're talking just north of that camera shot, there is the camera shot with slowing, farther north we have a crash clearing to the shoulder at lawrence expressway. there's the build for 101, we showed you the first camera shot, 87, 85, the orange at the bottom of why you are screen, it's been hovering around 17, right around the santa cruz mountains and the summit, low clouds, fog potentially over there and mist, possibly drizzle. we've seen that from time to time from 101 through morgan hill, san martin. getting a little break as far as readouts are concerned. looking toward the east bay as well, southbound 880, zoomed toward hayward, slower drive southbound for the nimitz, "a" street an earlier crash,
6:49 am
activity off to the shoulder. little more distraction so a little more slowing. fremont to the nimitz, southbound 680 sees a build out of pleasanton toward sunol. the orange means low clouds and fog tri valley out of the altamont and toward livermore and dublin. we'll move the map farther north. fog registers for discovery bay, antioch, pittsburgh and bay point. concord and walnut creek moving smoothly, predictable pattern. richmond and the east shore freeway move nicely to the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup is there, the metering lights are on. look at the north bay on the map a little slowing towards san rafael, just about registering on the map and the live shot the glowing lights, definitely moisture in the air and low clouds drifting in the shot from time to time. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:49. developing right now, nearly 00 people will undergo testing after they were exposed to a deadly superbug at ucla
6:50 am
medical center. seven people were infected, two died. >> halle jackson joins us. the superbug traces pack to a contaminated medical device. >> reporter: all these cases potentially linked to the mechanism used in an ercp endoscopy, even if hospitals like lauk sterilizes the manufacturer's recommendations and national standards it's possible this bacteria could stay on this piece of equipment because it's resistant to antibiotics. that's what makes it dangerous and why the cdc calls it a nightmare bacteria. it may have contributed to the deaths of two people in ucla. similar outbreaks have been seen recently in seattle, in chicago, a hospital in pittsburgh as well. so that is where the concern comes from. all of these patients who have been exposed, about 170 of them, are being given free home testing kits so they can see if, in fact, that bacteria has
6:51 am
infected their bodies. important to note here, healthy people generally don't have to worry about it. it's mostly a kesh for fol lly with other conditions. we'll have much more coming uppen the "today" show. >> hospitals checking their equipment as well, thank you. of:51. this morning gilroy police would like to you take a good look at surveillance video showing two women using a dead person's credit card. it's video from inside a san jose convenience store. police say the two women are persons of interest in the killing of robert heiser. officers found heiser dead inside of his gilroy home early monday morning. so far they're not saying how he died but they are calling his death a homicide. of:51, two months later and still no suspects in the shooting death of a young man in san leandro. police are calling the murder of 21-year-old joel ramirez a case of mistaken identity. ramirez was shot outsite his home in december. yesterday police announced the shooter was actually after someone else someone involved in
6:52 am
the marijuana grow operation in the house next door. investigators hope a $25,000 reward will lead to a break in the case. the teenager who prosecutors say raped a pizza delivery driver will be back in court this morning. 17-year-old darian myles jr. kidnapped and raped a woman while she was delivering a pizza in antioch. myles jr. was already on probation for another crime when police say he attacked a driver. >> a santa clara university student accused of stabbing his roommate inside their dorm is headed to court today. officials say he may enter a plea. police say dylan kim stabbed his roommate tuesday and cut himself. the roommate is going to be okay thankfully. no word yet on the events that led up to the stabbing. a key white house player visits the bay area. housing and urban development secretary julian castro will visit san francisco and oakland.
6:53 am
he and mayor ed lee will discuss the latest efforts to improve affordable housing opportunities. castro will go to oakland for a roundtable discussion with young minorities. children will be paying more to ride the golden gate ferry or the golden gate transit. today authorities will meet to discuss the change to the qualifying age limits for young fares. right now any passenger 6 through 18 gets a discount and the proposed change would make 5-year-olds pay as well. probably have to go into their piggy bank. >> cut a break for them. it hoested the beatles, the giants and this morning time to say good-bye. >> it is officially the final chapper it. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live from the stick. they're starting on the outside of the stadium, they already did the inside. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you both, sam and laura. they've gutted the inside. today people in the area will finally get to see some changes, the start of crews tearing down the exterior of this fixture. i spoke with one worker who said
6:54 am
the work will probably be on the other side of the stadium here but work using wrecking machines, high-reach ex-is aka vator. inside the demolition has been well under way. our chopper caught what is left inside, not much. the community voiced concerns about noise, vibration and mostly health impacts from the dust and asbestos. one of the people leading that effort just spoke with us this morning and says people here are still very worried. >> i have neighbors on this street that have small children and we're concerned about the particulates in the dust and the high risk and incidence of the environmental effects and respiratory illnesses that cost the families. >> reporter: she adds neighbors have counted two dust monitors here, when she says there should be four to six. we are still waiting for a response from the developer, lenar urban again it's early. they've said they're dedicated
6:55 am
to a dust control plan, employed an on-site envirn mental consultant to monitor the air quality and air levels. they're more excitement of what's to come, urban shopping outlet, more than 3 million square feet of office space, in addition more than 12,000 permanent jobs. the outlet mall is set to open in two years. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> jobs are always good for the economy. thanks a lot. at 6:55 the changes in san francisco continue. there's a new kind of cab in town. >> a new player if you will. scott mcgrew, the taxi's answer to uber. >> taxi service has been historically pretty disappointing. uber is upping the bar. taxi industry created some app called flywheel where you can hit a put on it and get a cab. desoto cab has rebranded itself as flywheel, repainting and gussying up its cabs.
6:56 am
cleaner and vanl, maybe not as quickly as an uber but close. let's speak of something i have avoided talking about for months here. is apple going to build a car? i avoided this conversation because of the idea just seemed ridiculous. of course apple is not going to build a car! except there's growing evidence maybe it will. the latest court filing from a battery company called a123 shows that apple may be stealing automotive battery engineers from that company. the high-end car industry is sort of apply, guys. fancy carmakers have huge profit margins and apple likes huge profit margins. high-end cars have a sliver of a market share but apple is okay with that, too, because back in the day apple was a minor player in the computer industry. steve jobs would point out apple had the same market share as mercedes-benz so maybe, keep in mind, ten years ago, if you said apple was going to make a cell phone, people would have thought you were crazy. cell phone?
6:57 am
no, not apple. >> okay, we'll see if the cars. we'll keep this little segment so we can replay it years from now. >> exactly. solid maybe. yes. >> thank you very much, scott. 6:56. >> a final check of the day's top stories for but an may machine is in custody in connection with a double shooting at a san jose sports bar, happened at dzo sports and bar on alum rock avenue last night. tainted medical equipment might be to blame for a deadly superbug at ucla medical center. millions of americans braved extreme cold overnight and more frigid temperatures are on the way. look at how bundled they are. niagara falls and lake erie are frozen. maine has seen a record 109 inches of snow, in get this, the past three weeks. >> that might as well just be another country, forget about the other side of our country. >> can we ship it here? >> can we ship the snow? no, we're happy. >> keep it over there, please. 6:57. we have a beautiful day coming
6:58 am
your way. we're starting out in the upper 50s, in many locations you're 55 degrees could kick off the new day in san francisco, up to the low 60s by lunch time and a couple 70s out there later on, and like i've been telling you, first week of march looking promising for a changing pattern and we might get some significant tahoe snow out of this system so it's looking good for us. >> really good news, thank you very much. mike, what do you have cooking this morning? you have a few things we're monitoring the san mateo bridge as well. >> picking up the volume but the crashes on either side have cleared. the san jose camera, christina showed that to you in the south bay shot, 280 northbound coming toward us. the car is appearing out of the low clouds, hovering all around the south bay, look at your map, the orange highlights the santa cruz mountains at the bottom of your screen. the crash 280 backs up more and the earlier crash at lawrence expressway is cleared from the roadway there. crash is on both sides of the san mateo bridge and cleared with sam the orange highlighting, antioch, discovery bay, livermore, low clouds hovering around our camera shot
6:59 am
and possibly some mist, maybe a little drizzle on the windshield. novato on the left shows you a slower drive from highway 37 and down through san rafael. typical build there and i want to show you the oakland shot as well, folks head north with the taillights past the coliseum, low clouds as well. we may lose sight of this camera shot for a couple minutes here and there. the deck itself the drivers will be all right but those low clouds hovering all over the place. traffic might be one reason we often don't feel great about living here, one of the few reasons that people could complain about. when it comes to the state of happenis the state of california could be doing better. >> i don't believe this study. the state is nearly number 12 out of 50 when it comes to being happy. the new happy states rankings come from a gallup well-being survey. >> what states are technically the happiest? apparently alaska, speaking of the gold, where at least they know it's going to be cold. hawaii finished second, which seems like a no-brainer, curious why that isn't number one and there must be something about the frontier, south dakota and
7:00 am
wyoming came in third and fourth, in front of montana and colorado with five and six. west virginia finished dead last. >> hmm. love our california. happy times here, right? >> that's right. good morning. how low can it go? the icy siberian express rolls over three-quarters of the nation. more than 100 records set to fall this and behind that two more storms targeting millions. super bug scare linked to a dangerous drug resistant bacter they may have been exposed. whole in our souls for kayla mueller, t while her friends release a heartbreaking new video showing


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